It can be overwhelming as you begin to look for a lender. Lots of companies can look the same from the outside, but once you get under the hood there are some major differences.

There are many advantages to working with an Envoy Mortgage Professional. Here are just a few.

We’re local: Instead of calling up a national bank or lender, the Kelly Mortgage Team lives in the community it serves. That means we can meet in person—or on Zoom! It also means that when you’re looking for your dream home, we can give an honest opinion about neighborhoods, school districts, or local restaurants.

We know our community because we’re part of the community.

Because of that, we’re active in supporting local youth and high school sports, as well as charities like the Delco Group, a non-profit that helps folks in times of need across the Philadelphia area.

We’re experts: Not only do we have great knowledge about our own industry and the products available, but we can also get you in touch with local experts in other fields. Need a plumber? Or a roofer? Our local ties mean we can connect you with the people we trust in a jiff.

You are our clients forever: We’re passionate about customer service, and want to make sure we provide an easy and fun mortgage experience for all of our clients. Because of that, we’re a little tough to get rid of! While most lenders just want your transaction, we care about your experience. We’ll be there with you at your settlement, and you’ll hear from us at least once a year for your annual mortgage review.

And if in ten or twenty years down the road you need us again, we’ll be right here waiting.

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